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License for the use of ionizing radiation sources

DIAL Ltd. owns a License for the use of ionizing radiation sources for the implementation of control functions with registration number 5839, series: O, issued by the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency, valid from 11.02.2022.

According to the above document, the scope of the company was expanded with the following activities:

-  Calibration of spectrometric systems and radiometers to determine the alpha, beta and gamma radiation required to carry out our accreditation activities at the Central Scientific Research Laboratory.

-  Radiochemical sample preparation and analysis of difficult-to-measure alpha- and beta-radionuclides (234U, 235U, 238U, 241Am, 90Sr).

-  Work with low and moderately active open sources of ionizing radiation.

We are available if you are interested in testing samples.



Qualified Expert in Radiation Protection

The team of DIAL Ltd. has a Qualified Expert in Radiation Protection in the field of "Materials with increased content of natural radionuclides" and has a Certificate of Competence series KE, № 170, issued by the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency, valid from August 2021.

The qualified expert in Radiation Protection has the opportunity to issue expert statements and assessment of doses of internal and external irradiation, in activities with materials with high content of natural radionuclides..



DIAL Ltd. - Buhovo


We work for

RADON IN RESIDENTAL BUILDINGS. The risks to human health are increasingly spoken as a result of radiation from the natural radiation background. Much of this exposure is due to radon and its daughter radionuclides. The natural radioactive element radon (radon-222) has the largest contribution to the internal radiation of the Earth's population. According to the 2008 report of the Scientific Committee for the Study of Atomic Radiation at the UN, 41% of the population's exposure is due to the inhalation of radon.

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with over 60 years of history and traditions


to BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018


Laboratory DIAL


H i s t o r y

A continuously developing modern laboratory with over 60 years of history and traditions.

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P r o j e c t s

DIAL Ltd. has produced over 70 environmental studies and projects, including...

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T e a m

A team of highly qualified specialists with experience, knowledge and potential...

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C a r e e r s

DIAL Ltd. announces vacancies for the following Positions:

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Significant Projects

Monitoring - National Radioactive Waste Facility "Radiana"

The newest project, in which DIAL Ltd. started work from 13.03.2018. is a project for the monitoring of environmental parameters during the construction of National Radioactive Waste Facility - Radiana, located on the territory of Kozloduy NPP.

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Monitoring of closed uranium mining sites in Bulgaria

By Decree of the Council of Ministers No163 of 20.08.1992 the uranium mining in Bulgaria was terminated. A very important project, under which DIAL has been working for more than 20 years, is the monitoring of the closed uranium mining sites in Bulgaria. Despite the 25 years since the end of this activity in Bulgaria, natural resources (soils, water, air) have not yet been fully restored and their monitoring is of great importance for limiting the harmful effects on human health.

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NORM and TENORM activities

In 2009, the DIAL was involved in a Phare project aimed at providing a high level of protection for workers, the public and the environment at the risk of ionizing radiation and also establishing and developing a harmonized approach and regulatory control scheme for NORM activities (natural radioactive materials) and TENORM (technologically enhanced natural radioactive materials).

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Radon map of Bulgaria

After a profound analysis of scientific evidence in recent years, it has been found that the risk to human health when exposed to radon is 2 times greater than previously thought.

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3rd East - European Radon Symposium

DIAL Ltd. participates in the 3rd East - European Radon Symposium...

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