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Terms and conditions

GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS for using the services of CNIL at DIAL Ltd.

In these GENERAL TERMS, the client for brevity is called the Assignor, and CNIL to "DIAL" Ltd. - Contractor.

  • Upon delivery of samples to the laboratory, the Contracting Authority undertakes to submit a correctly completed application for testing the sample;
  • The Assignor undertakes to provide the Contractor with all necessary information and assistance for the performance of the tests;
  • If the Contracting Authority does not wish to take advantage of the sampling services offered by the laboratory, upon request the Contractor shall provide instructions on how to perform sampling, appropriate packaging and quantities required for testing, and time and conditions for transporting the sample to the laboratory. The Contractor shall not be liable for the results of incorrect sampling tests or for the quantities, time and packaging of the samples provided to the laboratory;
  • The Contractor shall not be responsible for the correctness of the sampling and the storage conditions of the test sample until it enters the laboratory, in case the sampling is performed by the client. The Contractor is not responsible for the quality of the samples sent by courier;
  • The Contractor shall not be responsible for an incorrectly completed test application;
  • In case of sampling performed by the Contractor, the Assignor undertakes to ensure safe access to the sites and to take measures to remove any obstacles or hindrances that would impede the proper performance of the services. The Contractor reserves the right to refuse service at risk of endangering the life and health of his team;
  • Any incorrectly submitted information, incorrectly filled in in the test application, leading to interruption of the test or issuance of a Test Report with content that does not meet the nature of the product or regulatory requirements, or limited / unsecured access to the sampling site, is entirely at the expense of The assignor. He has no claims for the performance of the services, in which case the contract between the two parties is considered fulfilled;
  • The Contractor guarantees the quality performance of the sampling and testing services, on time, through standardized or validated methods described in the test reports.
  • The Contractor undertakes to keep the production and trade secret for the information received from the clients;
  • When the Contractor intends to subcontract part of the test, he shall first be obliged to inform the Contracting Authority of his intention;
  • The Contractor shall document the process for registering and processing complaints. The procedure for settling complaints is published at http://dial-ltd.com/bg/. Complaints and objections are sent only in electronic form to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for submitting objections is 3 (three) working days after receiving the test reports;
  • The Contracting Authority receives results and test reports in original, only after payment of the full amount for the services used, according to the provided invoice;
  • The Assignor receives a protocol for sampling performed by the Contractor, only upon request;
  • Each of the parties, in its capacity of Personal Data Administrator, processes the personal data received from the other party (name, PIN, contact details - address, telephone, e-mail, place of work, position with which they identify themselves (legal representatives, contact persons and those engaged in the implementation of the agreed) in strict compliance with the requirements of applicable law only for the purposes of concluding and implementing this contract / application, as well as to protect their legitimate interests in case of non-performance;
  • Each of the parties undertakes not to disclose or provide personal data to third parties, except in the presence of a legal obligation to do so;
  • The Contractor has no right to publish, distribute or use without permission the results of tests and documents owned by the Assignor, except when the law requires the transmission of information;
  • The Contractor does not give statements of compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents and / or specifications. The contractor does not give opinions and interpretations;
  • The application has the force of a legally binding agreement between the Contractor (Laboratory) and the Assignor (Client);
  • The Contractor reserves the right to add and change clauses of these general conditions without prior notice. The services are performed in accordance with the general conditions in force at the time of performance.