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We are proud to say that DIAL Ltd. has produced over 70 environmental studies and projects, including:

Over 30 hydrological and radiological assessments and forecasts for the state of the waste water treatment plants and the technological sites of major uranium mining sites. The evaluation of the radiation parameters and the forecast for potential and real danger for the environment and the population was done according to a complex methodology, taking into account the requirements of the approved instruction for termination of uranium mining.

More than 20 reports on tasks in the field of exploratory work in radionuclide-contaminated agricultural lands.

Dozens of projects on the construction of a network for complex monitoring of the environment in the regions of the sections of Geostroykomplekt – Ltd. and Trakia - RM - Ltd.

Feasibility studies for ecological clean-up of the Asenovgrad reloading base and Rodopi NP Lipetz - Bublon to Rare metals - Ltd.

In 2019, DIAL Ltd. started a project with Kozloduy NPP for "Radiological characterization of solid radioactive wastes that are candidates for exemption from regulation”

DIAL Ltd. works with HPC CHARESS PICKEL CONSULT Germany and AQUATEST - Czech Republic under project B5-98-036 Management and purification of groundwater and surface waters contaminated by radionuclides as a result of uranium mining and uranium processing in the Buhovo region, which is part of the International Environment Program - Concepts for the rehabilitation of uranium mining sites in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Since the beginning of 2018, DIAL Ltd. has started projects for monitoring of environmental parameters before the construction of a radioactive waste disposal site "Radiana", financed by EBRD. The radiological project is " Predisposal radiological monitoring of Radiana site during construction of national disposal facility phase 1, R-PROJECT 3F-A”

Hydrogeological – “Predisposal Hydrogeological Monitoring of Radiana Site and Geochemical analysis during construction of NDF Phase”

DIAL Ltd. continues to carry out analyzes of the radiological and chemical indicators of drinking water samples from a large number of water and sewage companies throughout Bulgaria.

So far, the DIAL has always carried out and continues to perform laboratory analyzes of samples from monitoring activities in closed uranium mining sites.

From the beginning of March 2018, DIAL Ltd. started a project for monitoring of environmental parameters before the construction of a National Storage Facility for Low and Medium Radioactive Waste - Radiana, located on the territory of Kozloduy NPP. The project is financed by EBRD.

In 2018, for the fifth consecutive year, DIAL Ltd. continues to perform services related to dismantling and releasing from control of equipment in Unit 1-4 of Kozloduy NPP.

In 2018. DIAL Ltd continues to carry out the radiation and dosimetry control of the IZOZURV in Chora, ISRZUR, Uskra and the TMF Metallurg TMF TMF. During 2017.

DIAL completed a joint project with the NCRRP for the preparation of a Radon map of Bulgaria.

DIAL Ltd. also participates in Phare Projects.

Some of the most important PHARE projects completed between 2005 and 2010 are for the development of Bulgarian legislation in the field of NORM and TENORM; for the supply of equipment for quality management of the Arda River; for regional monitoring in southern Bulgaria.

In 2002, - 2005 DIAL participated in the work on two Phare projects, supervising the uranium mining activities in Eleshnitsa and Dospat - BG 9904.03.01.01 and BG 9904.03.01.03 basic radiation monitoring in Southern Bulgaria.

The laboratory also participates in International Projects.

In 2006, DIAL Ltd. worked under a contract of  the Ministry of Environment and Water of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for further study of water quality in rivers from the East Aegean and West Aegean basin regions.

In 2000, - 2001 DIAL Ltd. performed the radiation and dosimetry control during the execution of the works for the technical liquidation of the uranium processing of the PCF Metallurg II phase.

DIAL Ltd. performed the radiation and dosimetry control during the first phase of the technical liquidation of the Metallurg PCF.